Planned features:

  • Data sources
    We want to enable widgets to pull data from a variety of data sources, like an excel sheet, CSV file, Google Sheets link, Twitter feed etc.
  • Import & Export settings, possibly via the cloud.
    You can currently transfer settings by copying the db.json file from the user data directory, in the future we want users to be able to save their program state to a single file. You would be able to choose whether to share custom themes, media files, custom widgets etc along with the program state. A pro feature might be to share this state directly to another user via the cloud.
  • Better widget positioning UI
    The current widget positioning works really well but the UI is far from friendly. We'll improve this in the future.
  • Adding an optional logo element to all widgets
    Many users would like to add a logo element to a lower third, clock, countdown timer etc by. We're consdering options to implement this as a standard element.
  • Rundowns and timings
    We want to add the ability to schedule an order of commands, so it becomes possible to just hit 'cue' or 'next. Additionally, we want to offer automatic timings on widgets, like the ability to only show a lower-third for a number of seconds automatically.
  • Full cloud-based offering
    We want to make it possible for users to rent a full copy of Holographics in the cloud, billed by minutes of useage.
  • More advanced animations
    We want to make it possible to animate widget elements, individual letters, logos, etc.
  • Instagram widget
  • Twitter widget
  • Music widget with built-in standby music
  • QR-code widget
  • Next speaker & Event schedule widgets