Better live graphics

Holographics is the fastest and easiest way to add live graphics to your videos. Easily overlay lower-thirds, broadcast messages, ticker tapes and your own custom widgets on any live video feed. Or output Key & Fill signals using a supported application.

(70mb, Windows & OS X)

How it works.

Holographics uses HTML5 and CSS3 to render fully resolution-agnostic graphics to a browser window. It integrates neatly with OBS, vMix and CasparCG to overlay directly on a stream, or provide key & fill output via SDI.


Runs on any Mac or Windows computer. Control interface can be accessed on the local network by any device that runs a web browser.


This is really the magic behind Holographics. We built a system that allows for instant restyling based on a few variables. A totally different look with a few clicks.


Because HTML is all vectors based, the canvas doesn’t really care if it’s rendering HD or 8K. So long as your render PC is fast enough.


Via V-Mix, CasparCG or OBS with a supported Blackmagic UltraStudio or Decklink device.


Holographics is made for super quick deployment. It’s so fast, there’s no reason you can’t use it for every production.


Updates are optional but quick and easy.

Integrates with everything!

Holographics can be integrated with just about anything using the included API and client SDK.


We’ve already built support for:

✅ Streamdeck / Companion ✅ OSC ✅ HTTP REST ✅ Socket.IO


Theme Engine

Themes that don’t suck. Just add water.





Lock-in your early-bird pricing now!




Comes with all pro features, but limited amount of widgets and entries.

1 Active widget

10 Data entries

Custom themes

Custom widgets

Free updates




Fully featured and fully flexible. Cancel every month.

Unlimited widgets

Unlimited data entries

Custom themes

Custom widgets

Free updates




Fully featured, all inclusive. Get all updates until the next major version.

Unlimited widgets

Unlimited data entries

Custom themes

Custom widgets

Updates until v2


Enterprise level support

We offer company-wide licenses with 24-hour support. Support requests on this plan don’t go to a callcenter, you speak directly with the engineers.

This plan also includes 1 custom widget, and 1 custom theme per month.

Custom widgets & API

Need to integrate a widget for a custom project? Want Holographics to support a custom inbound or outbound API? Want us to prioritize building out that special feature you need?

We can build your custom widgets or API functionality.

Custom themes

Your own branding in Holographics? Don’t want to learn CSS? We offer a custom theme building service. We work with you to match your branding as closely as we can.


Frequently asked questions

Does it really support 8K?

Well, we didn’t test it. But since it’s all just a browser window it should just work. If it crashes it’s Floris’ fault. @florisporro on Twitter.

Can I use it to create graphics for toe wrestling?

Whilst you could create graphics for any sport using custom widgets, Holographics is designed to do basic graphics really well. Other applications out there are more suitable for sports.

What technologies were used to build Holographics?

We use a NodeJS web server, Electron for app packaging and updates. VueJS is used to drive both the render engine and the client side. HTML is pre-processed with Pug and CSS is pre-processed with Stylus.

What limitations are in the free version?

You can access all the same widgets and themes as in the pro version and there’s no watermark. The only limitation is you can have a maximum of 1 widget active at once, and data-driven widgets (such as lower-thirds) are limited to 10 data entries.

Theme (insertthemename) is ugly!

Floris’ fault. @florisporro on Twitter.

Does Holographics have OSC / Companion support?

Yes! Check out our section on integrations in the docs

How do I use it with Key & Fill?

Currently you need to use an external app to generate key & fill signals. This is possible with V-Mix, OBS and CasparCG.

Can I integrate Holographics with my own projects?

Yes! Holographics has a full HTTP REST, and OSC API. Documentation is available here, and a full Node SDK is available here.

I’m confused! Is it Hologfx or Holographics?

Ah what do we know! was taken so we went with this instead. Besides it sounds techy and cool.

How many machines can I activate on 1 license?

2 machines. You can deactivate your other machines remotely if you’re short a license.

Can I activate Holographics offline?

Unfortunately not, an internet connection is currently required to activate Holographics. If you buy Holographics V1 it will remain activated forever. Subscription-based licenses need to check-in every month.

I need to install Holographics in a fixed installation with no internet!

Buying Holographics V1 is probably your best option, once activated it will keep working even if it doesn’t get a connection to the internet.